The development of analogical reading in Spanish

TitleThe development of analogical reading in Spanish
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsSebastian-Galles, N., & Parreno Vacchiano A.
JournalReading and Writing
Date PublishedMAR

The use and development of analogical processes in learning to read in Spanish are presented. In the first experiment, the results show that children of 6 years old show analogical effects in reading pseudowords and that the magnitude of this effect is the same as with 10 years old children. However, it is found that children of 10 years old make many lexicalizations when reading pseudowords (about 50% of the items). In experiment 2 this finding is further analyzed. The results show that 9 years old children make more lexicalizations than adult control subjects do. It is suggested that the development of analogical procedures is a fast process (6 years old children already have done it), but that the precise control of lexical information over perceptual one is a later process.